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The Advantages of Buying a Can-Am UTV

Can-Am is one of the leading providers of Utility Task Vehicles (or side-by-sides) and All-Terrain Vehicles where all the vehicles they produce are designed to outperform no matter the location. But what exactly makes them different? What’s the best Can-Am side-by-side vehicle? And what’s the difference between ATVs and UTVs?

BRP established Can-Am in 1972 as a motorcycle brand where it originally manufactured high-performance vehicles, such as motocross dirt bikes. However, in 1998, BRP started building and introducing prototypes of utility-based ATVs. The following year, ATV Magazine named the BRP Traxter all-terrain vehicle “ATV of the Year”. Since then, BRP became a household name for ATVs, but it was not until 2007 that BRP rebranded its ATV segment to Can-Am, and it was not until 2010 when Can-Am introduced its first side-by-side vehicle. Throughout its years of introducing new ATV and UTV products, the company continued to rake in awards for manufacturing the best Can-Am side-by-side and all-terrain vehicles.

What are the Advantages of Buying a Can-Am UTV?

When you buy side-by-side vehicles from Can-Am, you get the assurance that you are buying quality products from a company that continues to make innovations that are never-before-seen in its industry. That means that Can-Am continuously tests the limits of its products and works to create innovations that improve their performance. And that is why it is a trusted brand among those who have a passion for off-road living.

What’s the best Can-Am UTV?

There are multiple answers to this question, especially since Can-Am has consistently produced award-winning UTVs throughout the years. That is why there is no definite answer to this question. It ultimately differs from person to person. However, these are the most notable UTV releases:

  • Can-Am Commander 1000 (awarded Best of the Best in the SxS category by Field & Stream magazine in 2011)
  • Can-Am Maverick 1000R (introduced in 2013 and had the highest horsepower from a manufacturer at the time)
  • Can-Am Maverick X ds Turbo (introduced in 2014 and is the industry’s first SxS vehicle with the highest horsepower. It also comes with a turbo straight from the manufacturer)

What’s the Difference between ATVs and UTVs?

All-Terrain Vehicles are meant for single-riders while Utility Task Vehicles allow for side-by-side riding. Since ATVs are smaller, they are better for tight spaces and making quick turns. However, ATVs tend to be a little harder to ride since riders need to maintain balance to keep it under control. But if you prefer riding alone, this is the best option for you.

UTVs, on the other hand, are made for people who like riding with others. UTVs are also safer and more comfortable since they are larger. They are also designed to haul and most UTV designs offer storage space that can pack gear and other things.

UTVs and ATVs each have their own pros and cons, but if you are looking for Can-Am side-by-side vehicles for sale, visit our website at hiplainsfarm.com. Hi-Plains Farm Equipment is a premier distributor of Can-Am products. We feature various UTV models and ATVs. We are also distributors of other quality farming equipment. So if you need top-notch products to help you manage your farm, get in touch with us today.

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