Hi-Plains Farm Equipment

We Sell Quality Agricultural Equipment in Colby, KS and Its Nearby Areas

Colby is a progressive agricultural community featuring many interesting and fun attractions. Among those is the Cooper Barn which is the largest barn in Kansas. And that’s not all. There are plenty of places to visit whether you’re a local or a tourist in search of beautiful destinations. With that said, the farming community in the area is as abundant as ever, which means the need for quality agricultural equipment in Colby, KS is also a must. And that is what we are here for.

Here at Hi-Plains Farm Equipment, we provide the locals with trustworthy products from the leading brands in the agricultural industry, such as Can-am, Zimmatic Irrigation Systems, Yamaha Golf Cars, and more. Since 2004, we have been providing farmers with top-quality farming equipment in Colby, KS to help maximize their yield and make their farms flourish. But if you are not sure about which equipment to get, you can rely on our expert staff to give you sound advice. With our years of experience, we can accurately gauge which equipment best fits your farm’s current needs.

We work with the following brands:

  • Zimmatic
  • CrustBuster
  • BadBoy Mowers
  • Can-Am
  • Yamaha Golf Cars
  • Club Car
  • Exmark Mowers
  • C5MFG
  • Thunder Struck
  • B&W Hitches

Apart from farming equipment, we also provide windshield repair for your vehicles. Remember, windshield cracks can be downright dangerous. So don’t ignore even the smallest cracks and call us today.

To view a complete list of our featured products, simply visit our Manufacturers Page. You will find photos and product specifications for most items. If you find the information lacking, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will gladly answer your queries regarding the product you are interested in. You may call us at 620-225-0064 or send us an email instead. You may also head on to our Contact Page and use the form provided there for your convenience. Choose Hi-Plains Farm Equipment for all your agricultural equipment needs in Colby, KS, and its nearby areas.