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Bad Boy Mowers – A History of Homegrown Success

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Has it ever occurred to you that behind all the Bad Boy mowers you see that are put up for sale is a team of passionate people who have worked hard to cultivate and create products that every owner can be proud of?

Bad Boy’s history has always been about mowing with an attitude, and they have proven that with the constant innovations they have made throughout the years. From the time they showed off their first mower in 2002 at the Lawn and Garden Expo in Louisville and winning the “Product of the Year” award to three years later, when they produced their first catalog, they have been consistently introducing new and improved mowers with the latest innovations every year since.

How Did the Company Start?

Not many of you may know it, but the idea for the popular Bad Boy zero-turn mowers was actually born in a garage back when founders Robert Foster and Phil Pulley started tinkering with what eventually became the prototype. Even so, the actual manufacturing process began in a 20,000-square-foot facility located in Batesville’s Industrial Park in 2002. Back then, the company only had 20 employees. Fifteen years later, the company’s manufacturing facility now spans 205 acres, and its manpower has grown over 700 people.

Where Did the Name “Bad Boy” Come from?

During a test drive of their very first mower, the driver jumped off and cried out, “That’s a real Bad Boy!”. Seeing as their mower is jam-packed with a lot of great attributes like power, speed, and strength, that exclamation wouldn’t have been surprising but nonetheless extremely welcome. Because of this, operating one of these bad boys would no doubt be an awesome experience worthy of their mission and marketing slogan, which is for owners to “Mow with an Attitude”.

How Did they Become the Biggest Zero-Turn Mower Manufacturers in America?

The owners knew they hit the jackpot when competitors would often advise them to not keep over-building their mowers and selling them for a low price. Of course, having caught onto what their competitors were trying to do, they absolutely paid no mind to their advice and went ahead with building mowers that outlasted everything out there and selling them for great prices. Fast forward to the present, the company is known by locals all over the US and their mowers are prized as the most powerful mowers with the cleanest cut on the planet.

What’s the Secret to Their Ground-Breaking Mowers and Success?

There’s no huge secret. It’s simply by relentlessly and methodically getting rid of inefficiencies in their products and constantly improving their development process. By continuously making smart decisions from the get-go, you receive a mower that has been handled with care from the moment it is built. Before you receive your mower, it undergoes a 112-point factory inspection overseen by meticulous people who are dedicated to building only the very best zero-turn mowers money can buy. From manufacturing to shipment, all Bad Boy mowers are handled with special care.

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